RSHO Robin Simone Hollywood Orchestra

Robin Simone Hollywood Orchestra

Three-time Billboard charting singer-songwriter Robin Simone’s new incarnation is RSHO! 

Robin Simone Hollywood Orchestra

RSHO combines the talents of seventeen charged-up musicians, one amazing conductor/arranger, and the superb vocal entertainer, Robin Simone—a true four-octave phenomenon with a big sound that surprises audiences who are always caught on her stage presence.

RSHO has created a fresh take on songs of great motion pictures.
We bring the allure of classic Hollywood, with a fun, modern twist.
Get ready for the RSHO debut album!

Robin Simone is a three-time Billboard charting singer-songwriter, band leader, and lead vocalist of the Robin Simone Hollywood Orchestra (RSHO). Robin’s lifelong devotion to big band music has led her to perform all over the United States and in great cities in Europe. Robin’s four-octave range has contributed to performances for Jamie Foxx, Lalo Schifrin, Burt Bacharach, Arturo Sandoval, Sofia Vergara, Taraji P. Henson, Bernie Mac, among many others.

Robin has performed on national network TV shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show and I Can See Your Voice and has collaborated with artists including Prince, Barbara Morrison and Debbie Allen. When legendary guitarist Kenny Burrell first heard Robin sing, he immediately asked her to join his Jazz orchestra—that led to spell-binding shows and confirmed for them both that Robin’s turn would come to carry the torch.

In the brand new Robin Simone Hollywood Orchestra, seventeen super musicians and a gifted conductor/arranger light up the stage with Robin’s rare combination of dazzling vocals and brilliant stage presence. RSHO brings fans on an emotional journey through the most entertaining chapters of the American cinema songbook.

Robin’s inspiration to devote herself to the genre was sparked as a young girl admiring her mother singing all the great standards and Hollywood cinema songs at home. As the world around us became more hardened, Robin became more personally dedicated to keeping the light of joy and love burning through the preservation of this special American music.

The Robin Simone Hollywood Orchestra’s drive comes from the unique way these incredible songs of great motion pictures tell everyone’s story—one delivered with passion, high energy, and a modern twist, while still maintaining the integrity and allure of classic Hollywood. Currently, the band is performing at live events and soon releasing their new album.

Come experience it all live:

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